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Neeraj Sir has helped me a lot in getting my student visa. Best New Zealand visa consultancy in India. They have helped me to get the visa for my whole family. And only he can do this really happy and thankful to Neeraj sir for being so generous and helpful. Really going to recommend them to everyone. And the most generous guy I have ever met, he has always replied to me on time. Happy to be a client of theirs. I am glad that I have chosen this consultancy. Great experience.

Apoorva Thapa

Well, my family has known the company for about a decade now. They are really positive people. Straight and quick at work. Had a great experience from university shortlisting to getting my scholarship and applying for my student visa. They have always been there at every point.
Even after my arrival to New Zealand. I have received immense support, as they are also having an office here at Hamilton. I am grateful to meet these people for everything from their nature to their professionalism.
They are 10 on 10.
Anything related to New Zealand, this is the right stop.
Special thanks to Neeraj and Arzoo. 😊

Preet Talwar

Since I reside in New Zealand, I admit that I battled greatly to find a reputable firm that could assist me in resolving my visa related questions. So, after learning about FreeVisa New Zealand from a friend, I made the decision to get in touch with Mr. Neeraj Chauhan. Well, the fact that I chose this firm and the visa application process went so smoothly is very fortunate for me. Today, Mr. Neeraj and his entire team- among them, Miss. Nupur and Arzoo are handling my daughter’s student visa and have been successful in obtaining it. Currently, they are handling my resident visa application process as well and I have complete faith that these people are the best team.

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