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Interview Questions:

  1. You must know your University/ College name, Course name, city that you are going to, which intake, agent name and information about are your sponsors.
  2. Please do a proper research regarding your course, your college (check the online website) and YouTube videos of career options in NZ in the same study/industry.
  3. Don’t be nervous, talk clearly, friendly and use simple English words. Say thank you at the end and greet with good morning/ hello, how are you? at the beginning.
  4. Ask them to repeat the question if you didn’t understand or missed anything.
  5. Request them to ring after 30 min or an hour in case you are not at home or driving or at a noisy place. No issues in requesting a call back.
  6. Keep your SOP, CV and Offer letter handy at all times.
  7. Use simple English, and do not read anything. Conversation should be fluent and natural.

In this answer, you have to talk about yourself including your education qualifications, work experience if you have, family, hobbies etc.
Example – My name is ABC, I am 26-year-old, I am based in Chandigarh and living with my family. In my family, my father is a Govt employee/Businessman. My mother is a housewife/employee. I have a younger brother/sister who is currently studying in class ABC.
If applicable – Talk about your work experience, current job and what you do.
Apart from that, I love travelling, going out with family and friends, and watching Bollywood movies.

Mention the name of the college/institute and the city from where you completed your School and Other higher qualifications.

In this answer, you have to talk about your daily routine and hobbies. Tell them if you are working or studying or helping in the family business or anything else.

Start highlighting the benefits and advantages of studying at that college/university in New Zealand and how it is going to benefit your future plans and career. Do you have any relatives or friends in NZ? If you have any relatives, mention your relationship with them.

Here, you have to speak about your course name, college name, intake, what will you study in this course and future career opportunities.

  • Please check the course, college website and YouTube videos of career options in NZ.

Never say that you will come back after studying. Rather be honest and tell them your future places such as studying and getting NZ work experience relevant to the course.

Please check the course outline and make notes of the career options.

Please check the course outline and make notes of the course work and career options.

Please be honest and tell them if you were preparing for any studies, or exams, or was unemployed due to the family reasons, or travelling or anything else?

If you have any relatives, mention your relationship with them. If you have any friends, mention how you know them and for how long. If you do not know anyone in NZ, don’t hesitate to mention.

Based on your situation, answer Yes/No. If you have visited earlier, say yes and provide a brief explanation of the nature of your visit, duration of stay, etc. The Officer may ask additional questions.

Mention the names and relationship of your sponsors and how much money are they helping you with? (Make sure you know about the funds and where they came from and who is showing them)

They might ask you an off question don’t be nervous or panic. They ask those questions to listen to your response and check your communication skills. You can simply say – Sorry, I don’t know about this (if you don’t know anything) or any other suitable answer.

Hope this helps!
Good luck!
Thank you
FreeVisa New Zealand Team.