CLient Reviews


“FreeVisa New Zealand has always helped me in my all sorts of visa. Starting from student visas to work visas. Neeraj Sir is a wonderful guide and a very supportive person. His genuine advice and knowledge helped me to understand education and culture in New Zealand. So far it was a wonderful experience and I hope to stay longer and grow as a human always”- ”

ArzooThakur, Former student, FreeVisa New Zealand.


“Planning my move with FreeVisa New Zealand has been a great experience for me. I was well advised about the study options and employment opportunities In New Zealand. Mr. Neeraj Chauhan, Director of FreeVisa New Zealand and Staffs have always helped me to get my visa sorted. Most importantly, FreeVisa NZ provided me with sufficient information to get my New Zealand residency done. In my case, they have been rational and result oriented in their approach. I would very much recommend it to all.”

Sushant Uniyal, Former FreeVisa Student


“I would like to give words of thanks and appreciation to FreeVisa New Zealand for their professional services. Furtherance to my appreciation, I would like to specifically thank the Director, Mr. Neeraj Chauhan (BA LLB) and his team for dealing with my immigration status to be legally working in New Zealand, which turned out to be successful. FreeVisa New Zealand, is a company that has the capability and wide knowledge to deal with matters beyond the realm of immigration consultancy. They even advise their clientele on other matters.”

Parth Nayar, Student FreeVisa New Zealand


“FreeVisa New Zealand has helped me get into one of the best institutions in New Zealand. I started my degree in 2015 after a smooth admission and accommodation process through FreeVisa New Zealand. Since then, Neeraj Chauhan has always helped me with all my visa processes and other queries I've had. Today I'm really happy after finishing my degree and would like to thank FreeVisa New Zealand for all their efforts". - .”- ”

Anurag Thapli, Former Student of FreeVisa New Zealand


“Going to New Zealand and applying for visa was a smooth process with FreeVisa New Zealand. I was properly guided at every step and was provided with every information quickly and promptly".- ”

Sarita Mittal, Former Student, FreeVisa New Zealand


“Very helpful and informative team if you would like to come to New Zealand as it's exclusively for New Zealand"

Simran Gurung, Former Student of FreeVisa New Zealand.


“University, Teachers and people in NZ are amazing & very supportive, and they have technologically advanced teaching techniques". ”

Anjali Bartwal (Current, University of Waikato student).