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Having lived most of my life in India, I decided to study in New Zealand in the year 2005. After completing my studies (with assistance from the university) I was able to obtain a great job in New Zealand and eventually received New Zealand Permanent Residence in the year 2007.
Fortunate of having studied, worked and lived in New Zealand, I would quote it as, "An awesome, clean, green and safe country". With world class education institutions, modern & vibrant cities, amazing night life, friendly & accepting locals and wonderful landscapes; New Zealand emerges as the best education & migration destination.

Neeraj Chauhan
NZ Immigration Adviser, License # 2013 00820
Director FreeVisa New Zealand

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About Us !

About FreeVisa New Zealand

  • FreeVisa New Zealand is an Education and Migration Consultancy.
  • It was started in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) in the year 2010.
  • We only promote New Zealand as a destination for studies, employment or permanent migration.
  • Several of our clients have gone to New Zealand as students, employees and permanent migrants.
  • New Zealand government licenses & regulates professionals involved in the business of education & migration. This is to ensure that the client receives honest and correct information about New Zealand.
  • Please visit Immigration Adviser Authority’s (IAA) website, link given below, to learn about NZ Immigration Advisers. The IAA ensures that a client who is interested in New Zealand receives professional, honest and correct advice.
  • Neeraj Chauhan at FreeVisa New Zealand is a licensed NZ Immigration adviser. License number is 201300820. Please visit to verify.
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